Il Picchio Verde

​Perchè il picchio verde…



The history of this land,Le Marche region, is related to the Sabines, an Italic tribe that lived in the central Apennines of ancient Italy.
They came from Sabina Region to colonize a vast territory which later took the name of Le Marche.
A version of the story says that the Sabine crossing the Apennines during the Ver Sacrum (Holy Spring in Latin) carrying a totem, a sacred bird: the woodpecker (Picus Viridis).

By Sabine population, afterwards, they would then originate the piceni, warrior people open to trade, hard-working and skilled in metal work, break up merging with the new realities of future Marche.
Il Picchio Verde, the green woodpecker, many years later, became the emblem of the region Le Marche, and finally the sign of our B&B

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